Our foundation is centered around community.

Woodland resident and Yolo County “Hometown Hero”, Paul Bridge, began the foundation after visiting a neighbor in much need of home repairs.

Paul brought the Woodland community together to celebrate the selfless act of giving. He continues to work with local volunteers to spread joy and resources to those less fortunate.

If you would like to volunteer or nominate someone for our next project, please let us know!

With Love,

Faye's House Foundation

The Fayes House Foundation began in 2023 to help families with dire housing needs.

The catalyst for this foundation was our first community project- the renovation of a blind woman’s home that had years of deferred maintenance and dry rot throughout the exterior. Faye did not know she needed the repairs and didn’t have the financial means to complete them. We rallied our Woodland community together to gain volunteer manpower and donations for supplies and we were able to complete renovations for Faye in November of 2022. The project brought much joy to Faye Abbas and her family. It really made Faye feel like she was valued and connected to her Woodland community. Our efforts made the local news and eventually gained national recognition on the Kelly Clarkson show!

A few months later, a local individual had seen our story about Faye’s House and asked if we could help her neighbor who lived in a nearby neighborhood. She was a foster mom with a fixed income and had unexpectedly lost her husband the previous year after over 30 years of marriage. Her house was in dire condition and she was overwhelmed. The house needed a new roof, dry rot repair, paint, and an HVAC system. The yard was overrun by metal debris and machinery her husband had collected over many years. We agreed to take on this challenge and rallied our community to help this family. We created a Go Fund Me page and pursued support from local businesses to fund the project. We were able to help Cindy obtain a new roof, repairs, paint, and a new HVAC system for no cost to her! We cleaned up her yard and recycled over four tons of metal. This project brought much relief and inspiration to Cindy and helped her to develop new friendships during this tough time in her life. 


As a community we celebrated this monumental achievement!

Our goal is to obtain funding and support families with dire housing needs in local communities- particularly families with disabled children. If you would like to be a part of our movement in helping the less fortunate with dire needs, please reach out to us at FayesHouse.org. 

Thank you so much for your support!

Paul Bridge-Founder

Fayes House Foundation


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