Optimizing Performance in Multifamily

Elevate specializes in sales training for multifamily professionals giving your onsite teams the tools and techniques to effectively lease apartments

Are your leasing agents reaching sales goals?

We curate custom training programs to ensure your leasing teams are successfully renting apartments, differentiating their communities from the competition, and bringing a culture of service to residents.


Is your staff creating memorable relationships with residents to promote lease renewal?

We focus on communication. Person to person interaction is becoming rare in our increasingly digital world. The customer experience starts with the first impression of your brand, daily interactions with your team, and response time across all touchpoints. Elevate’s custom training programs dive deep into creating a wow factor across the resident journey.

What Our Partners Say

Naomi does a great job of tapping into the need to be present and interactive by engaging prospective residents in a thoughtful and compassionate way.

During a recent training session at ACP Management, her back-to-basics approach was refreshing and well received by all!

Personally Thank Naomi on behalf of the team for a well crafted, organized and meaningful training session!!

Jim Lewis
Jim Lewis
Regional Manager ACP Management

Thank you for coordinating our training session, Naomi was amazing!! She literally went over every aspect of the leasing/tour process I felt like I was missing from Grace Hill, I even was able to close my first tour today by using the greeting and closing techniques she taught us! Thank you thank you this is just what I needed to sharpen my sales and closing sales.

Jacqueline Modiano
Jacqueline Modiano
Leasing Professional

For years, Naomi has been a fixture at our company when it comes to employee training.  She is always able to present material in an accurate, clear, practical, fun, and personable manner. Her seminars are relevant and helpful. Most importantly, our team walks away from Naomi's training with a better understanding of their industry and is motivated to apply the information and techniques presented.

Matt Bradley
Matt Bradley
Allen Properties | Director of Property Management

Naomi is an exceptional leasing trainer with a wealth of experience and expertise. We’ve used Naomi in the past and her sessions are both interactive and results-oriented.
I believe that connecting with Naomi could potentially lead to meaningful discussions and collaborations.

Michael Booth CPM
Michael Booth CPM
Davlyn Investments | President of Property Management

Working with Naomi over the years has been a real pleasure. Naomi's extensive experience in sales and customer service is a huge plus! She has the ability to teach in an understated, fun and easy to understand format. Definitely one of the best trainers in our industry.

Sandra McMurray
Sandra McMurray
AMC LLC | Vice President So Cal

Thanks again Naomi, So great to see you! Training was spot on and perfect timing for our team. We already have proof of success within hours of our meeting!!!

Karen Murphy Gross, CPM
Karen Murphy Gross, CPM
R.A. Snyder Properties Inc. | Senior Vice President
Offering in person, webinar and 1:1 coaching

Training Programs Designed Specifically For Your Needs

Elevate’s objective is providing the tools to execute the sales basics when renting apartments, differentiating your communities from competition, and bringing a culture of service to current and new residents.

Optimizing Leasing Performance
Part I- Mastering the Basics

The objective of this training class is to review from start to finish what a successful leasing experience looks like.  We’ll uncover why the role of a leasing consultant is critical for occupancy goals & resident retention.

Sales topics are broken down into sections with break out sessions and role playing to reinforce the concepts. The goal is to set expectations, standards, provide tools, and techniques for greater leasing success.

Optimizing Leasing Performance
Part II- Advanced Leasing

The objective of this training class is to revisit concepts covered in Mastering the Basics.

Taking a deeper dive into the techniques and application of ideas for greater leasing success. The goal is to set expectations,  standards, provide tools and techniques for greater success.

Elevating the Customer Experience

Objective of this training class is to focus on the team and the culture they want to create where they work and secondly the culture they want their residents to experience when they encounter their brand.  We cover successful mindsets to prepare ourselves for serving our customers.  Working with angry residents is an opportunity to provide service recovery. Using a Customer Service Recovery Model gives the team tools to confidently help upset residents and resolve their issues.

Elevating the Resident Journey- Creating CX Playbook

The objective of this training class is to focus on the main touch points during a resident’s journey and identify ways to elevate their experience living in your communities.  Aligning company mission statements & service philosophy with core values to create a community playbook.

Elevating Leadership Skills

The objective of this training class is to focus on your leaders and best practices to ensure they are successful and leading by example.  Leading their teams on a daily basis to meet goals and objectives.  Learn ways to give consistent kind-clear-specific & sincere feedback. Break out sessions throughout to brainstorm, apply, and share ideas.  Recognizing personality types and best ways to work with co-workers and residents with differing personality types.

What You Can Expect

Step 1

Assess your needs

We curate training courses to ensure your leasing agents understand the best ways to communicate with prospective renters in all aspects of the sales process.

Step 2

Determine best training fit

Choose in person training in small or large group settings, live webinars, and/or 1:1 coaching.

Step 3

Create a custom agenda & schedule dates

Your company’s priorities drive the cadence of your training program. Schedule in your geographical locations or markets on a quarterly, monthly, bi-annually, or on an as needed basis to meet your occupancy goals. New hire training can be held as often as needed to ensure your front line sales professionals are effective as soon as possible.


Specializing in teaching onsite professionals how to maximize their leasing performance and execute the basics for greater success.


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